S01E39: Wraith of the Rings

ArrgGGGhhHhhh!!! You gotta get your ass to Saturn!!!

It’s a planet, 3 from the last, 6 in line. Two suns later and we’re still totally spinning!

There’s so much crammed and slammed into this episode as Lavish and Boo-Bury carpet scour (not for paremensan) all sorts of CRAZY details tonight. Rings! Crowns! Hammers! Sickles! And so many moons.
We put on the the Golden Aged glasses and decipher how much belief flows back and forth on the cosmic scales. Two Second Half of Show’s later, swarms and cubes asides, this is only the beginning of the end!

Oh it ain’t that dreary, it’s more…SXXY. Stay tooned to find out more on next week’s Behind The Sch3m3s!



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