S01E143: Battle Wizards At The Hall Of Claims!!

Vanderlube Tin Foil Teeth Photocopy of the Playbook Facsimile Facsimile Facsimile Welcome to Mastodon, Dude. What is a Brownshirt? A miserable little pile of secrets! History rhymes, and the people are oppressed once more. We groove to intermission…. Read More

S01E142: Do Not Remove Porpoise

Behind The Story Days After The New World Hog Screams Glamour Dolph America style, Fletcher and Carolyn of Hog Story join the green room tonight! Hibernation will end, the party will  kick off with backstage 2.0 passes for… Read More

S01E141: I’m Coming For You, Barbara

Bemrose Garden Guy Listens to Psychic More Blue Butter Dishes Frustrated Ham and Egg Man Follow the tracks to the load of Union gold! Down in Dent’s Run, ghosts whisper in the woods. Much more than money was… Read More

S01E140: Abe From The Bronx

Our Peace Thunder Pinch, Ho! Little Guppies Everywhere She Was Blindingly Beautiful Welcome to Hollywood! Tom Hanks wants you to FEAR the virus, wear the mask, lock yourself up! Makes sense, he’s worked for the CIA since 1942…. Read More

S01E139: Stop With The Printer!

A New Suit In Stage Seagal A Real Degenerate Information Sausage Author Charlie Robinson reaches his tentacles into the #Greenroom! Do you know the art of Global Control? You got the keys to the box of cheese? Trip… Read More

S01E138: The Quartz In Your Eyes

The Art of Whore Overspeak The Come I Miss Carl Sagan, Man Sprung From The Ground Bring your glasses and your existential quantifiers as we travel the world petting exotic animals. It’s a non-profit! Did you know the… Read More

S01E137: Alana Moore

Attack Spring You’re A Servo, Wizard! The Pelosis and the Gettys A Heart to Heart About Bad Behavior Pick up the phone! Producer/Actor Jacob Keohane joins us, and we discuss the American pastime of watching movies about shooting… Read More

S01E136: How To Kill Your Friends And Influence Morons

The Seven Sisters Satin Core FYI Bitches This Isn’t A Porno Check Out The Top 10 Best Clickbait Titles! Down in Cyprus, they have fun new ways of making millions on the internet! Fall in love with the… Read More

S01E135: Remove The Jaw For Security

Atomic Arc Name Him 8 Doctor Sword For Nothing My Sins Are Over 9000 What Below Deck? Let you in on a little secret… you can get fresh slaughtered goats in Hamtramck. The power has gone out in… Read More

S01E134: The Old Yellow Book

Factism The Squeegee Energy Is A Major Factor Pepperidge Farms Remembers Have you heard? The nations doth protest too much. Here in the D*sneyland of protests, the Kings play the fool, and the fools wish to play King!… Read More