S01E191: Weekend At Zeus’

GWAR’s Newest Guitarist GRODIUS MAXIMUS Replaces Pustulus ⛧ Tommy Meehan and His Bands – Cancer Christ, The Manx ⛧ The Hardcore Mess Punk Scene ⛧ We Bid Farewell to Jacob Rothschild – Banker, Warmonger, Icon ⛧ Retro Intermission… Read More

S01E190: Print The Legend

All Aglow Cool as Mojo Hermaphrodite Bells You Drink Out Of Boo-Bury Returns From Florida ⛧ Outlaw Cult Rockstar Mojo Nixon Passes At 66 ⛧ The Mojo Manifesto ⛧ A Reading of Man, Myth, and Magic – Bells!… Read More

S01E189: I Am Not An Atomic Playboy

RastaFEARians The Dew of Excellence Spinster Commie Cat Lady I Demand Vetted, Curated, and Moderated Sources Private Browsing Joins Us! ⛧ Atomic Post-War Propaganda Film and Audio ⛧ Moving The Natives Off Bikini Atoll ⛧ Truman to Eisenhower… Read More

S01E188: Cornwallis In A Cave

Pincer Maneuver I Am I Do I Have January 21st Love War Move Trade Repeat DignifAI – Programs That Remove Tattoos and Clothe Naughty Photos Online ⛧ Klaus Schwab Wears Lingerie At The Beach ⛧ SirSeatSitter Interviews The… Read More

S01E187: Lexiclown

  Plug Your Nose Columbine Is Definitely Dom Just Stick Your Head In No Shit Malevolent Goat Boost Fire Sale!! ⛧ The Nephilim – Clown Connection ⛧ African Ancestor Worship Spreads To The Americas and Europe ⛧ Haitian… Read More

S01E186: That’s What I’ll Win The War With

OrkWanker The Dandy King Socratic Manifesto The Federal Ones The Future of Federated Servers ⛧ Pineapples Changed the World ⛧ The Invention of Greenhouses ⛧ Mystery Intermission Tape ⛧ The Frog Prince – A Reading from The Enchanted… Read More

S01E185: Putrefaction Had Already Begun

Shirts of Horse Hair Special With A Capital Aura Doing God’s Work, Madame My Life Is Frankenstein with a Laugh Track @spencer and @laurien of Bowl After Bowl host Boo-Bury and Join Us! ⛧ Kansas City Recap ⛧ Addams Family Presents… Read More

S01E184: The Stars and Sacrifice

Culture Heroes Blood Tracking App Green Stone Bones You Spooky Bastard Lighting Plots for BTC Meet-Up Concert ⛧ Boo-Bury Reads Lyrics and Prepares for KC ⛧ Are Stars Portals? ⛧ Popol Vuh – Mayan Mythology and Parallels with… Read More

S01E183: The Day The English Discovered Satin Stockings

Eat My Grapes See: FIRST Breaking The Witch Yes, Busty Marble New Years Day Show ⛧ Boo-Bury Works Hairball Vikings NYE Halftime Show ⛧ Recap of First Avenue V4V Concert ⛧ Ainsley Costello ⛧ The Future of Self-Published… Read More

S01E182: Your Girl Forgot to Ditch the Slipper

The Big Puppet Master Here Soccer Mom Suburbia Trouble in the Camp Gucci Cinderella Musicians Ainsley Costello and JUSTLOUD Join Us! ⛧ Singer/Songwriters Self-Publish Through New Platforms ⛧ First Avenue Hosting V4V Concerts ⛧ Rejecting Record Labels ⛧… Read More