S02E03: Paint’s Still Wet

We Are Live! ⛧ VHS Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults – (1994) ⛧ A Culty Walk Through The Park ⛧ Satanic Poetry ⛧ The Legacy of Devin Dehaven ⛧ Classic BTS Intermission ⛧ Scr33m-Mails ⛧ An Attempted… Read More

S02E02: Nunc Est Bibendum! 

MICHELIN STARS – Why Do They Exist? ⛧ How A Tire Company Dominates Fine Dining ⛧ Reliable Maps for WWII ⛧ Vintage Ads and Art ⛧ Boostable Intermission ⛧ Reading from Man, Myth, and Magic – MYSTERY PLAYS… Read More

S02E01: Where There Are Rakes, There Are Hoes

We’re Back! ⛧ A Birthday Bash Return ⛧ Reading from Man, Myth, and Magic – BIRDS ⛧ The Chat Hates Turkeys ⛧ The Spiritual and Historical Importance of Winged Creatures⛧ The Delta OG LP Gets A Feed ⛧… Read More

S02E00.33: Kaka Titi

Lavish Plays Top 10 LNBeats.com Tracks for May 13, 2024 ⛧ Microsoft Games CEO Phil Spencer Gets Nuked in Fallout 76 ⛧ GameStop and AMC Theaters Stock Price Skyrockets ⛧ Steve Buscemi Gets Punched On NYC Streets In… Read More

S02E00: Rehearsal Is For Losers

Musician and Original BTS Host Malachi Joins Us for Episode 200! ⛧ Building Studios and Double Spacing Your Drywall ⛧ His Band Performs Live Slinging Chocolate, Corn, and Diapers Onto the Audience ⛧ Future Musical Projects ⛧ Boostable… Read More

S01E199: YIKES

A Brief History of Fonts and Typography ⛧ The Invention of Serifs ⛧ Modern Memes and the Fonts That Built Them ⛧  The Impact Typeface ⛧ OK Soda – Advertising’s Awkward Attempt at Postmodernism ⛧ Boostable Intermission ⛧… Read More

S01E198: There Is A Shelf And There Is Life

Government Cheese – Why Does It Exist? ⛧ The Great Depression and the Rise of the Dairy Industry ⛧ The Federal Gov Invents Cheesy Stuffed Pizza Crust ⛧ The FDA is Corrupt and Big Food Reigns ⛧ Boostable… Read More

S01E197: Hope You Fall Asleep To This Little Fairy Tale

We Recap the 12 Rods V4V Live Show and Boo-Bury’s Appearance on Podcasting 2.0 with Adam Curry and Dave Jones ⛧ Things That Went Right, Things That Went Wrong ⛧ Future Projects – The Halloween Show ⛧ Scr33m-Mails,… Read More

S01E196: Maple Man Is The One

We Interview Ryan Olcott of 12 RODS In Anticipation For April 6th Minneapolis V4V Concert ⛧ New Lineup and New Album – Reviving A 90’s Indie Titan ⛧ Music Taking A Second Life ⛧ The 90’s Are Back… Read More

S01E195: Take SuccuGen!

  Private Browsing Joins Us! ⛧ Tales from 4chan’s Succubus General Thread ⛧ The Canon and Characters of Mainstream Succubussy ⛧ Boostable Intermission ⛧ Cryptozoology and the Universal Fear of Monsters Around The World ⛧ We Rate Cryptids… Read More