S01E155: Slappers Only!

No Pop In The South The Living List Twisted Tree Branch Fingers Eldritch Hoarders Search Transcripts and Visiting Older Episodes ⛧ Keywords of Note ⛧ Tour Riders – What Are They? ⛧ Listing the Demands of Celebrities ⛧… Read More

S01E154: Fire is the Fastest Way To Learn

Weekend at Bob Weir’s Dr. Goat Doom His Fountain Bring A Buddy and a Towel Famous Graveyards Rendered 3D with Stereo Photography ⛧ NecroTourism ⛧ Titanic Shipwreck Now Has Full 3D Model ⛧ Did the Moon Sink Her?… Read More

S01E153: Five Bucks A Tit

Justice in Germany Watap My Baron You Guys Like Jerk? Split All Over Your Face Nam and Dhowjen of the Millennial Media Offensive Join Us! ⛧ Questions for the Boys ⛧ Origin Stories and Podcasting 2.0 ⛧ The… Read More

S01E152: Saged 24/7

Fokes Woh-Man Mud Did Him In Send In Your Fake Snow International Overnight Sex Icon Ronald Gladden Tricked Into Being a TV Star ⛧ Ridicule Porn ⛧ Sam Hyde’s Psychotic Reality Show ⛧ De-Platformed from Stripe ⛧ Value… Read More

S01E151: The Writing On The Lawn

Right in the Feed SnobCoins Holding The Dirty Mop Social deMerits Matt Bigelow of Japan WUT? Joins Us! ⛧ Life in Japan ⛧ The Internet Is Made of Demons ⛧ Ways To See Without Seeing, Ways To Speak… Read More

S01E150: I Am Now Powerful Enough to Kill the Mothman

Speaking of Hell Those Are Rookie Sins The Apple Falls Far It’s Very Mercury Jerry Springer – Honorary GWAR Member ⛧ Shock Rock ⛧ Interview with a Veteran of the Indian and Civil Wars ⛧ Matthew McConaughey’s Motivation… Read More

S01E149: The Snuff Version of the Video Game

  They Have Like 10 Holes Hologram Type Thing Be Kind, Unrecord Boil of Freedom Joe and Jen of Legit Bat Podcast Join Us! ⛧ The Most Realistic Video Game So Far – A Bodycam First Person Shooter… Read More

S01E148: Floating Solar Panel Meat-Trash Island

Solider Of Fortune Rose Coats Inc. The Women Of Artemis Smoke In The Booth Is Christine Blasey Ford just Brett Kavanaugh in a dress? We Do A Background Check ⛧ Spooky Upbringings in Bethesda, Maryland ⛧ Education and… Read More

S01E147: Mommy Milker Offensive

Say Less Fam Shift and Shaft Renal Oranges Internet Cassettes Moths are Better Pollinators than Bees ⛧ Rothschildia Saturniidae ⛧ Yucca Moths ⛧ Casey Ramirez Taking Over Princeton, MN in 1982 ⛧ The American Drug Trade and Oliver… Read More

S01E146: Occupation: King

Go Get Us A Pie Staircasing Below 15 Lawyers To The Grave I’ve Never Seen That Plough Before Thousands of mummified rams heads found in Egypt ⛧ Pharaoh Ramses and his Works ⛧ Old footage of Russo-Japanese War… Read More