S01E40: Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 40

The Midlife Crisis Special!

Sit back with Boo-Bury and SirSeatSitter as everclear and memories are enjoyed of where Behind The Sch3m3s was, is, and where it’s going. It’s a chillax-max sans any hardcore 2nd Half of Show. It gives us plenty of time to play with our brand new and exciting Cr33p Phone! 

That’s right True Deniers, if you know any ghouls or fools, crypitds or monsters, frƎaks or CrƎƎps have them call in at 612-263-SXXY (7999)! Leave a screammail! We wanna hear all the sweet swinging groans, moans, howls, and growls in them there spooky ass woods! Call tonight and leave your screammail, it may be heard by Billions!


ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

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