S01E38: Light & Lavish

And I saw truth fall like hail from the Midnight Son.

It’s back to back second half of shows tonight True Deniers! 

Why so serious? Why so heavy? Be with us tonight on Behind The Sch3m3s as Lavish joins the fray! Boo-Bury and Lavish get deep into illumination as we gaze without sunglasses into the Urban Sun. Take our hand as we pass thru the Gates of Light! Refreshen with a beverage at WaterLicht! It’s quite the lovely trip thru the rose garden. 

Please leave your kicks at the door so we can examine the way Satan and Jesus walked around. It’s all MSCHF as we double down on deep dives. More blood! More holy water! More spots! More passwords! More virus! More piano!

Twice the Black Cube. 

You know it, you want it, and you love it!
All this and more on Behind the SchƎmƎs!



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