SE01E37: Onionize!

Is this Behind The Sch3m3s or an organizational meeting tonight?


We’re slam PACKED (Like a bastardized more handsome rat pack) tonight with guests. And what do we want?? A conversation on unions!

Dean Reiner of the Up Is Down Podcast joins Boo Bury and Malachi (and a surprise contender to the throne joins in later!). It’s a riveting coming of minds you never asked for but still we provide. Think of it like insider baseball but instead of balls its cards. Bad joke. Regardless, we explore what sort of machinations unions employ, and shared experiences working in and with them.

We shoot the shit BTS is always known for holding the most compelling coverage on like “I Wanna Shot!”, and just how importan’ the work Russia and China are doing to-get-her is (just wait till they figure out the Moon is fake…)!

You Will Sleep In The Pod

You Will Eat The Bugs

You Will Take The Happy Pills


Check out Up Is Down and get your world view rocked!

Check out Abs ‘N A 6-Pack and (insert clever roll pun)!

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