S01E36: Hu-Xclub

Greetings Greetings fellow True Deniers!

Tonight is a banger on Behind the Sch3m3s! It’s the one Boo-Bury fell asleep on…sorta at least…

Monty and Boo-Bury for first half of show gobble up some Alphabet Soup, which weirdly enough sets part of the theme for the episode: butt stuff (On a religious text Boo-Bury swears it was unintentional). Cancel culture cancels itself. Finally! Not to mention, we even summon a little Zozo. Oh oh oh! And! Fisher Price My First Plandemic Playset! 

On the second half, Boo-Bury discovers a hard truth about podcasting. Sometimes it ain’t worth pushing but resist we much! We gotta keep going! The Latest and Gr3at3st! The topic for the next coming weeks will look into the X-club and various Huxley family members. 

All this, you, and us! On Behind The Sch3m3s! 



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