S01E35: Not The Dawn Of Justice

Behind the Sch3m3s is back and about as obscure as it gets! We even had a sick ass tag line suggested, “If you don’t get Behind the Sch3m3s, the Sch3m3s get Behind you!”

Categories! Categories! Categories! Come hell of high water we WILL be a force to reckon with…buuuuut in the meantime here’s but just a TASTE of what’s in store for you tonight!! We cancel the Muppets, or maybe we cancel ourselves for playing racist Muppets bits? Or course we have the crowd favorite, “Pregnant Doctor Fear Porn”. Jim Bruer, we find out, is a national treasure, and you WILL EAT THE BUGS. Wanna catch one the last analog broadcast of Family Feud? We got you covered! Lizardfucks?! Doubleplus bet your fucking ass we do!!!

Calling all influenczars to the Minneapocalypse!

For the second half of show, we tackle the last part of New Order of Barbarians, bringing this wicked read to a quiet close. Fake Science! Fake Weather! Fake Entertainment! Population Control! When does a prophecy become warning?

It’s hits all the goodness of what a comrade would want out of a New World Order, it’ll almost make ya cry, “Our Tears”.



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