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We Acknowledge 9/11 ⛧ Bill Cooper Predicts 9/11 ⛧ NYC Artists With Access to Towers Possible Saboteurs ⛧ Growing Up with President Obama – the Mia Pope Interview ⛧ Elite Schooling – Punahou ⛧ Obama into Drugs and Drag ⛧ Japanese TV or Torture? Isolated, Naked, Starving ⛧ Kidnapped to Korea ⛧ Denpa – Electric Insanity

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ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

Tonight’s Tarot: Reverse King of Pentacles


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A Second Goat Just Hit The Towers


We Remember 9/11

Bill Cooper Predicts 9/11 3 Months Before It Happens

Bill Cooper 1 – Osama Bin Laden

Bill Cooper 2 – Social Illusion

Bill Cooper 3 – Reichstag Fire (Money Shot)

Bill Cooper 4 – Phone Call

The “Artists” Who Crafted 9/11

“Gelatin” and “E-Team” were two “art teams” that had unfettered access to the Twin Towers in the years and months leading up to the 9/11 attacks. The strange and macabre artists were both chosen to be part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council World Views Project, which provided them this access. Both of these teams were primarily staffed and run by people who identified as Jewish. There is speculation that these art teams, who worked in the very floors (90’s) where the planes were seen to have hit the towers, are in fact covert fronts / Trojan Horses for a Zionist terrorist organization that truly carried out the attacks. The names “Gelatin” and “E-Team” both seem to loosely refer to explosives.

The Towers could have been destroyed by any or all of the means described…

  • Floor by floor explosives (to mimic and accelerate the “pancake” collapse which was then used as an explanation)
  • Micro nukes (to take out the deep immovable base and solid inner core of the towers)
  • Directed Energy Weapons (to pulverize and aerosolize everything for effect and easy cleanup)

Gelatin was working on a project called “B-Thing” leading up to the attacks. It was originally going to be a small balcony built on the tower as an art installation, but in reality it is nothing more than a series of disturbing, macabre scribblings from a ballpoint pen showing dark imagery, including people jumping from the towers, and scrawlings of strange phrases such as “Airplane Food”. This weird little book is being sold on Amazon for $1,500 by a Tex Rubinowitz, but images from it can be seen here.

More images and information can be found in the article.




The Emperor’s Old Clothes

Obama on the Schoolyard

Larry Sinclair, an alleged lover of former President Barack Obama, is back in the news once more with a widely-viewed Tucker Carlson interview. Much has been said about Mr. Sinclair, but there are other lesser known interviews of people from Obama’s past who have given stories of the man, and given us clues to Obama’s true personality behind closed doors. One of these is the somewhat obscure 2017 interview of Mia Pope.

The Mia Pope Interview with Jeff Rense

Mia Pope grew up on Oahu, Hawaii and was an acquaintance of young Barack Obama, then known as Barry Soetoro. She knew him through his formative years. In a 2017 interview with Jeff Rense, Mia describes young Obama as a charming and mooching manipulator, an open homosexual, a pathological liar, and an intense drug user.

Obama 1 – Rense and Christian

  • Rense introduces Mia and labels her as a Christian

Obama 2 – Mia Pope

  • Mia introduces herself and clarifies that, while she grew up with Obama, she was not a schoolmate, but rather of similar age and ran in similar circles of their small island community.

Obama 3 – Punahou

  • Mia describes Obama’s elite school.

Obama attended Punahou School, an exclusive private college prep school in Honolulu. The school is nearly 200 years old, one of the oldest Jesuit Schools in the Pacific.

Other Punahou Alumni include…

  • At least 32 Generals of the Army, USAF, and USMC, including
  • At least 16 USN Admirals, including
  • At least 22 Olypmians earning a total of 13 medals, including 4 gold
    • Alumni on every US team since 1968
  • At Least 17 Presidential Appointees including
  • At least 26 professional athletes in the NFL or MLB, including
  • At least 3 Senators, 5 Congressman, and 5 Lt. Governors of Hawaii including
  • Hawaiian Prince Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole – The only royally-born US Congressman
  • Steve Case – Founder of AOL, one-time chairman of Time Warner, major Hawaii landowner, head of Case Foundation (similar to Clinton Foundation)
    • His wife Jean Case is on the board of National Geographic
    The Case Family with the Clintons and Babs Bush
  • Pierre Omidyar – Co-founder of eBay, billionaire philanthropist
  • Buster Crabbe – Original Hollywood Flash Gordon and Tarzan
  • John W Gardner – Architect of Medicare, Stanford Professor
  • Michelle Wie – teen golf phenomenon, youngest ever to qualify for LPGA Tour
    • Married to Jonnie West, Director of Basketball Operations for the Golden State Warriors and son of Jerry West, the logo
  • Emily Chang – Journalist and Executive Producer of Bloomberg News
  • Sun Yat Sen – Chinese revolutionary, First President of the Republic of China following the overthrow of the Qing dynasty in the 1911 revolution. Considered Father of the Nation of Taiwan and revered in Maoist China as well.
  • Hiram Bingham III – “Discovered” Machu Picchu, grandson of school’s founder

History of the School

In 1795, King Kamehameha I overtook the land known as Ka Punahou in battle. Along with Ka Punahou, he gave a total of 225 acres of land to Chief Kameʻeiamoku as a reward for his loyalty. After Kameʻeiamoku died, the land passed to his son, who lived there for 20 more years. When he left to become governor of Maui, he gave the land to his daughter, Kuini Liliha.

Liliha and her husband gave Ka Punahou to Reverend Hiram Bingham, one of the first Protestant missionaries in Hawaii. Queen Kaʻahumanu was a strong supporter of the mission and built a house for herself near Bingham. A portion of the stone wall she had built to protect the compound from roaming cattle has been preserved.

Punahou School was originally a school for the children of missionaries serving throughout the Pacific region. It was the first school west of the Rocky Mountains and east of Asia with classes in English only. The first class was held on July 11, 1842, and had 15 students.

Obama 4 – Not Cheap

  • Jeff and Mia discuss the exorbitant cost of going to the school, insinuating Obama did come from a rich family. Mia describes her experience of trying to get her young nieces into the school in the 1990’s.

Obama 5 – He’s A Taker

  • Mia describes Obama’s personality and social status in those days. She describes him as a mooch and they joke about Obama being a “taker”. She describes him as an exhausting person to be around, that he was not generally well-liked.

Obama 6 – Gay

  • Mia deduces that Obama’s cocaine use was in part fueled by his gay lifestyle. She says it was an open secret, and that being gay was “cool” in a way, pre-AIDS. Jeff ties AIDS to the Hepatitis B Vaccine.

Obama 7 – Cocaine Lips

  • Mia describes Obama’s appearance after freebasing cocaine.

Obama 8 – Older Men

  • Mia insinuates Obama used cocaine as a status symbol, and was supplied by gay older men. She describes other gays in their circle. She personally saw Obama get in and out of cars with older men. She says Obama would go out dressed in drag or skimpy outfits.

In Related News…

Member of Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ Government Resigns after Fleeing Alleged Gay Sex Party


Denpa Theorist

🌙 Susunu! Denpa Shōnen

  • A Japanese reality tv show that aired from Jan 11 1998 to Sep 29 2002 on the Nippon TV Network.
  • “The title means “Do not proceed! Crazy youth”. “Denpa” literally means radio waves, but colloquially also refers to crazy people, in reference to instances of mentally insane people claiming to be controlled by radio waves.”
  • The show is known for the extreme situations the participants were placed in and it was controversial due to the sadistic challenges and rule changes made by the television producers if they felt the participants were doing too well. The show also received criticism for some of the show segments being staged.
  • Denpa Shōnen teki Mujintō Dasshutsu (Desert Island Escape”) and the Swam series. Two comedians were put on a desert island, with no food nor clue about where they were, and were only told that their ordeal would finish if they built a raft and reached Tokyo. After their escape from the desert island, which took them four months, they were given a swan-shaped pedalo and were told to reach Tokyo with it, and then go with the same pedalo from India to Indonesia.
  • Denpa Shōnen teki Africa Europa Tairiku Ōdan Hitchhike no tabi (“Denpa Shōnen’s Vertical Africa-Europe Continental Hitchhike”). A comedian named Takashi Itō and a Radio DJ from Hong Kong named Tse Chiu-Yan hitchhiked from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa to Nordkapp in Norway. The two contestants were forbidden to use their travel money and thus faced starvation, dehydration and harsh weather conditions. At one point in the challenge, Itō collapsed in the Sahara Desert and was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment.

Perhaps the most famous serious tho was Denpa Shōnen teki Kenshō Seikatsu, or “Denpa Shōnen’s Prize Life”. It featured an aspiring comedian Tomoaki Hamatsu aka Natsubi (meaning eggplant for his elongated face). He was eager to use this show, which he thought might not even be released at all. That was not the case. Natsubi was involved with this “project” for about 18 months.

🌙 Nasubi

⭐ Human Spectacle – This American Life

  1. Sweepstakes Life – You’re gonna be famous kid, you’re just gonna need to do one thing…
  2. 1,000,000 Yen – Laying out the goal of the game show. Better get writing in!
  3. Happy For Rice – Sometimes the most humble of objects can bring the greatest joys, may cause dancing.
  4. Boing Boing Sounds – This show was goin be a big big hit! It’s probably the production that really sold it. Shoutout to the floating eggplant!
  5. Action Figure Sensei – Hey, there’s nothing wrong with making new friends!
  6. Next Round; FLIGHT! – Just when he thought he had won…
  7. Deja Vu – He allowed the producer to talk into staying, how persuasive!
  8. The Big Reveal – How humiliating…
  9. The Other Players – Turns out some other folks at other games didn’t fare so well.
  10. Making Miracles – Let’s hear from the overall producer.

⭐ Susunu! Denpa Shounen Archive




🌙 18 Months of Isolation: The Horrifying Reality of Reality Show(A true story)



⭐ Intro to Denpa Games | TOP Denpa Visual Novels for Beginners!

  1. History of Denpa 
  2. Molded Minds 

🌙 Radio system

🌙 Denpa

  • Denpa (電波) is a Japanese subculture, musical genre and anime genre or character trope centred around people who are asocial and delusional, feel disconnected from reality or the people around them and live out their fantasies vividly in their dreams.
  • In Japan, the term ‘Denpa’ was originally associated to the Fukagawa Street stabbings, when a man who suffered paranoia went on a stabbing spree, mainly targetting women and children, and killed 4 people and injured 3. The man defended himself during his trial claiming that he went insane due to years of “being harassed by radio waves” (electronic harassment), which supossedly would tell him to kill. Since the incident, in the early 1990s, the word “Denpa” started to appear in Japanese literary works and music to describe quirky and insane people who could hear voices, hallucinate and apparently communicate with telepathy due to electromagnetic radiation.
  • Those who are into Denpa are described as people detached from society and reality, and who are absorbed on their daydreams and delusions. In Japan, the term Denpa was used to designate insane and quirky people who were thought to be controlled by electromagnetic radiation which can be found in pretty much any electronics. Existentialist theories are common among Denpas, wondering if the people around them are real or even themselves.
    Some similiar philosophical subcultures of Japan are Chūnibyōs (young Japanese teenagers who are delusional and attention seeking, and believe they might be superior beings with superior knowledge or magical powers), Hikikomoris (loners who are nearly or fully withdrawn from social interaction) and Jouhatsus (a Japanese social phenomenon of people who completely disappear from their social lives without leaving any sort of trace).

Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl

Wonderful Everyday


WKUK – Time Travel Friends


Tax Collector – $2 Holla

1996: Hillary Clinton on “superpredators” (C-SPAN)

Song 0 – Mike Epting

What President George H.W. Bush taught his son

Politics Be Damned – Mike Epting


Why Not – Fletcher and Blaney


Rusty Gate – Just Like It Never Happened
Stranded by Fuzzed Records – It Doesn’t Matter
Herbivore – College Debt (Live @ The Brown Hotel)
Winstack – Follow Me
Radon – Roller Derby Girls
Mike Epting – Mr. Marlboro
The Harps – Eggwhites
Victoria Fragoso – If I Were Mercury (Explicit)
Miles Fonda – Emo Stormtrooper
A Cold Trip Nowhere – Sheets
IROH – They Ride (single)
Paul Birken – “El El Cool Society Rush Cutup” Mash Up
Memorial Garage – Miracle Wasteland
Able and The Wolf – Willow Brown (ft. Scream Mail)
Fletcher and Blaney – Diaper In the Road
Al Phlipp & The Woo Team – The New Girlfreak


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