S01E67: Plastic Shit Sample

The Taste of Fresh is Upon Us.

Behold, From the Land of The Rising Grey Area.

Sounding a little porn-y…

Japan WUT? storms Behind The Sch3m3s!

Joining us tonight it’s the guys from the future, OneTwenty and Matt Bigelow! Special guest star Sir SirSeatSitter puts on his best lavish face as East and West collide. Discussions of alternative media in Japan, Fresh (Not more, Fresher!)  Biden clips, Wuhan shipping kerfuffle’s, J-Anon, V4V, goddamn there’s so much crammed into the first Second Half of Show I can’t remember it all! Very cool!

Second Second Half of Show is when the Night Sports begin…OneTwenty breaks down a steamy anime clip for Sir SirSeatSitter, and Boo-Bury fawns over Super Mystery Magazine Mu! Then we go to Mu! Very legal!

Now please, if you’d follow us this way to the basement of the VHS store…

Eat your heart out Anderson Cooper.


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