S01E66: Soylent Green New Deal

Straight from the rabbit hole, the man the myth the Moe.

Moe Factz.

Now sit back, and pour yourself some Moe Shine.

One for the ages, the podcaster who can leave your floor stuck to the jaw, Moe joins Behind The Sch3m3s to breakdown the age old debate: Pro Choice vs Anti Choice. He takes us down hole after hole exploring the binary schemes that bind us together. The rap group formally known as Boo n’ Lavish cut straight lines of truth as we have an honest and empathetic conversation about the natural unnaturalness. Or was it unnatural naturalness?

Second 2nd Half of Show, Lavish discusses how the FBI likely founded the Black Panthers, and Boo-Bury starts a pyramid scheme trying to fund money to buy murder houses.  

You ain’t gonna steal my joy, make it happen for a reason, and…

Enjoy Every Sandwich.


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ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

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