S01E24: MTV Saved My Life

Today, Behind the SchƎmƎs gathers together to mourn and remember the heir apparent to the “best timed fart” produced by Malachi. The passing was located during an epic rant laid out by Tom Cruise on why stagehands will be the death of the film industry. Sadly, Boo Bury was unaware that this was occurring as he had the mic muted. It will greatly be missed by all.

Anywayzzz…Monty, Boo-Bury, and Malachi conduct what they have deemed “the most fun episode yet”! And boy, is it a full one. On top of relentlessly joshing the Cruise; we touch on why MTV saved a life, Boo Bury introduces the phenomenal RFK Jr., Super Covid-1984, and discover that the cure to vaccine illness is more vaccines (not really, but howdy-do these side effects amiright?). We celebrate the arrest of the Canadian version of Epstein, and wish him only the very worse. We top it off with some bogleshit news story on why podcasts should be “scrutinized” and how Insta-groan wants to be your very bestest friend. Like, seriously. They wanna know everything about you…For whom the bells toll and more, tonight, here with BTS!



Tom Cruise yelling at crew members of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7 for breaking Covid Safety Protocols

5 ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ crew members quit after Tom Cruise’s explicit COVID-19 rant, report says

SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 Virus, is Mutating, But So Far, Slowly


300K COVID victims mourned with DC bell toll

Nurse Passes Out on Live Television After Taking Coronavirus Vaccine

Fake Shot? Local News Airs Health Care Worker Receiving Empty Vaccine

Vioxx took deadly toll: study

Robert Kennedy Jr. | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson

fauci slip on vaccine in vermont press conference

Former Cult Member Says Masturbating to MTV Accidentally Saved His Life


Former Fashion Executive Peter Nygard Charged With Sex Trafficking

Prince Andrew’s sex slave alibi blown apart by bombshell report

Prince Andrew’s sex slave alibi falls apart

Sinister sounds: podcasts are becoming the new medium of misinformation

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