S01E23: 10-2=20

On tonight’s episode of Behind the SchƎmƎs, three’s a crowd but four is a party! We welcome one Cody to the airwaves, as he guides us thru stories of mischief, madness, and mayhem! A hell of a time to be had by all. Topics included but not limited too: Why the ATF sucks, how to protest, stamps (not the fun we’re gonna make some cards kind, the kind we’re gonna tax the crap out of you and turn you into overnight felons kind). Don’t forget the small little group of CCP members runnin around doin’ whatever CCP members do. Does that makes us or them the insurgents?

We also touch on one of the show’s favorite arguements, that sounds really dumb,”Why take arms up against the government, they have bigger guns?”. Gabdanged Guberment Deer are on muh front lawn tryin’ to eat my freedoms! BUT. What good is a True Denying podcast if we dont talk on some crazy time travel shit? Take it away John Titor. If you can hear us in the future….



War Machine – Insurgency Lecture

Joe Rogan Experience #1535 – Tim Kennedy

GHOSTED: ATF Visiting End Users

Los Angeles Surge Hospital That Treated COVID-19 Patients Now Appears To Be Site Of Full-Scale Hollywood Production

How a Long-Planned Pandemic Exhibit Adapted to COVID-19

Amid fears of overwhelmed medical systems, data shows ample hospital capacity nationwide

Whoops: Sounds Like Obama Admitted the Quiet Part Out Loud

AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other

What Happened to Randy Weaver?

The Mysterious John Titor, Trump and Today’s Time Travelers

A (New) Look At John Titor’s Predictions

San Francisco Sound Engineer Accidentally Dosed With LSD While Cleaning 1960s Radio Equipment

Israel’s Former Space Security Chief Says Aliens Have Prevented Nuclear War

Ed — A Petition For Stronger Gun Laws

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election


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