S01E21: True Deniers

ISO: Legal Drinkin Age Podcasters for exercising the devil out of Draconian Guv’ners. Must be able to lift at least 5…oh wait. That was supposed to be “exorcising”? Who in the hell comes up with this stuff?

That’s right! We have a name for YOU, the one reading this! A “True Denier! Feels pretty good to be party of the party. The good fun havin party, not the capital T capital P kind of party.  More discussions about lockdowns, what would happen if Bernie was in Trumps shoes, and catch up about Covid 1984. Enjoying their softer sides, Boo Bury and Malachi engage into discussions about astrology, and Malachi explains that a kilo-janksy is quote “Really Fucking Fast”. All this and more on episode 21 of Behind the SchƎmƎs!

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