S02E01: Where There Are Rakes, There Are Hoes

We’re Back! ⛧ A Birthday Bash Return ⛧ Reading from Man, Myth, and Magic – BIRDS ⛧ The Chat Hates Turkeys ⛧ The Spiritual and Historical Importance of Winged Creatures⛧ The Delta OG LP Gets A Feed ⛧ Boostable Intermission ⛧  A Slew of Scream-Mails Rings In the New Season! ⛧ The First Detective – Eugène-François Vidocq ⛧ A Master of Disguises is Born in Revolutionary France ⛧ A Hard Life Full of Intrigue Inspires Modern Ballistics and Hit Musical Les Misérables

Behind the What?



SHOW NOTES (Zoso’s Corner)

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