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Graham Dunlop from Grimerica Joins Us! ⛧ Fighting Amazon.com ⛧ Total Eclipse Retreats and Elk Hunts ⛧ Tex Avery’s World of Tomorrow – The Golden Age Cartoons ⛧ The Sword of Goujian – A Perfectly Preserved Sword from the Bronze Age ⛧ King Goujian of the Yue vs the Wu ⛧ Alchemy, Astronomy, and Advanced Ancient Trades ⛧ Roman Concrete

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The Sword of Goujian – Crafted 2,400 years ago
Wuhan, Hubei Province in modern times

Archaeologists Discover A Preserved 2,400 Year Old Weapon

How Did the Ancient Romans Make Concrete So Much Better Than Ours?

3000 Years Old Xiphos (Bronze Cast) – Making swords from molds

The Tale of Goujian

Humans have been around for a long time. Given the general slowness of evolution in large animals, scientists of this age determine that humans of our capability and intelligence have been around for at least 200,000 years. The current archeological narrative tells us these human beings did not discover basic smithing and metallurgy until 4,000 BCE, which gives mankind only the most recent 6,000 years in 200,000 to enjoy the utility and luxury of alloys.

It is difficult to tell whether civilizations existed and developed beyond that point far back in time, because it is nearly impossible for anything to exist that long. Structures built of any material will crumble away eventually. Very few things we possess today can claim to be as old as 6,000 years. Pottery, carvings, trinkets, ancient words and pictures inscribed on old pyramids, temples, and caves.

When something does last centuries in good condition, we revere it as sublime. Some famous examples include Roman concrete. Lesser known items come from around the world, including in faraway China with its deep ties to a rich and ancient past.

One of these is the Sword of Goujian.

Sword 1 – The Discovery

Sword 2 – The Period

We know of this period, and it gets its name from a document attributed to Confucius. The Spring and Autumn Annals are one of the core Chinese classics.

Sword 3 – The Preservation

When the 2,500 year-old sword was found, it was sharp enough to slice through a finger of an archeologist testing the edge, and then through 20 sheets of thick paper with no problem. It is insanely sharp given that my kitchen knife dulls immediately after use.

The sword has a total length of 22 inches (55.6 centimeters), with a 3.3-inch (8.4-centimeter) hilt. The exquisitely forged blade was made primarily of copper, but the edges have a higher tin content, making them harder and able to keep a sharper edge. Both sides of the blade are decorated with a repeating rhombi pattern, their dark lines standing out from the sword’s overall golden hue. The guard, meanwhile, is inlaid with blue crystals and turquoise.

On one side of the blade are eight characters engraved in what is known as bird-worm seal script. Six of these ancient characters have been deciphered. The script reads: “King of Yue” and “made this sword for [his] personal use.”

The sword, being made of copper and tin, was likely forged by a bronze cast method. Bronze casting is the process of pouring molten bronze into a hollow mold, typically of clay or sand. It is said that the sword’s core was poured with a higher copper ratio to make it softer and more flexible, then the edge metal with a higher tin ratio was poured over that to make a harder edge. The handle also was created from a molten pour, making the whole sword one single piece of metal with varying compositions in the bronze.

Over thousand of years, the sword has not rusted. It is noted that bronze does not rust the same way as iron and steel. The term “Rust” specifically means the oxidation of iron with a catalyst of moisture. Bronze is greatly spared from this. However, it can suffer discolorations and degradation. However, this ancient sword was found in mint condition without these blemishes, in large part thanks to its chemical coating.

The sword is coated in Chromium Sulfate, a complicated inorganic compound, one which modern man wasn’t able to recreate until the industrial revolution. It is used primarily in tanning.

Sword 4 – The Metallurgy

Sword 5 – Goujian

Sword 6 – Never Forget Yue


The setting for the Goujian story was the rivalry beginning in the latter phase of the Spring and Autumn period (722–481 BC between the neighboring states of Wu (in modern Jiangsu) and Yue (in modern Zhejiang), two newly ascendant powers on the southeastern periphery of the contemporary Chinese world.

In 496 BC the king of Wu, Helu (alt. Helü), took advantage of the opportunity created by Yue’s preoccupation with funerary observances for its recently deceased king to mount an attack. The new Yue ruler, Goujian, at the time only in his early twenties, counterattacked and employed exceptionally brutal tactics to defeat the forces of Wu. In an example of this brutality, he sent three waves of convicted criminals toward the Wu front lines, where with a great shout they proceeded to cut their own throats. While the Wu forces stood stupefied, the Yue army launched a surprise attack from another direction, defeating Wu and mortally wounding Helu himself.

Before King Helu died, he summoned his son and successor Fuchai (alt. Fucha) and asked him to never forget that Goujian had killed his father. Remember Yue! Fuchai worked hard to rebuild an army, and went to war once more against Yue and King Goujian.

King Goujian

Goujian, facing certain defeat at the hands of Fuchai, was fully prepared, we are told, to fight to the finish, but his high official remonstrated with him, arguing the case for a less suicidal course. In the interest of saving Yue from extinction, they contended, and in the 5th year of his reign Goujian and his wife became slaves of their enemies. They lived as peasants and performed slave work for 3 years, and the honorable enemy King Fuchai took note of their honest labor. Fuchai fell into a serious illness from which he suffered for a long time, and declared that he would pardon Goujian as soon as he felt healthy again.

At this news, Goujian arranged a meeting with Fuchai. As Goujian walked in, a slave was taking out to clean Fuchai’s freshly used chamber pot. Goujian stopped the slave, stuck his finger in Fuchai’s shit, tasted it, and declared to Fuchai that he would not die. Goujian explained that he had formerly studied with an expert who made prognoses on the basis of the smell and taste of fecal matter and had learned about the correspondence between the taste of stool and the taste of cereal grain. When the taste of a person’s stool was not in harmony with the seasonal taste of grain, the person was certain to die, but when the two were in harmony the person would live.

Goujian tastes stool from the pot

Fuchai was so happy with the news, he pardoned Goujian on the spot and told him he could leave his stone cottage and move into the palace, but he was still to tend to the horses and carry on with his other duties as before. Soon Goujian and his family were released, and the Kingdom of Yue made into a vassal state.

After resuming his rule over Yue, Goujian, a different man from the headstrong, self-indulgent youth of only a few years before, governed in a respectful and circumspect manner, practicing strict economy and avoiding extravagance. The now-disciplined King knew his vengeance could not be accomplished overnight, and so he worked quietly, incessantly from the shadows. He never forgot his humiliation as a slave. The Chinese proverb woxin changdan (“to sleep on sticks and taste gall”) became closely associated with the Goujian story, as we are told that Goujian hung a gallbladder in his room, licking it every time he went in or out in order to guard against complacency and to remind himself of the bitter suffering he had undergone.

A few years later, Goujian offered the best seeds from his crop to Fuchai as a tribute, but had the seeds boiled and sterilized in secret. Fuchai’s crop failed, and his nation suffered a famine. Goujian finally saw his opportunity, invaded Wu, and after a 3-year long war defeated Fuchai and became overlord of Southern China.

The skill of the sword’s construction, the precise compositions of the alloys, and the chemical coating of chromium sulfate all insinuate a sophisticated series of sciences, metallurgical and chemical, developed by 500 BC.

The Sword of Goujian

The Time

Discovered in 1965 in Hubei, China

Dated to roughly 500 BC (496 – 465 BC)

The Place

Hubei Province (34 provinces in all)

Capital of Hubei important in current affairs

The Man 

Goujian – King of Yue, petty kingdom of Southeast China

Fought the Kingdom of Wu

The Sword

Coated in Chromium Sulfate


There are some similarities between the sword and the famous example of Roman Concrete.

The Dome of the Pantheon – Constructed 126 AD

Concrete 1 – Intro

Concrete was developed by the Ancient Romans 2-3 centuries before Christ. This concrete was developed with glassy volcanic ash, and had a weaker structure than modern concrete. However, the concrete was more resilient, and could be built in wet areas and even underwater.

Roman Ruins in Israel

Concrete 2 – Stronger in Water

Concrete 3 – The Dome Layers

The most famous example of Roman concrete is the Pantheon of Rome. The 2,000 year-old building is the largest unreinforced concrete structure in the world. Particularly impressive is the massive dome built almost entirely out of concrete. Modern concrete crumbles and collapse on itself, but this dome still stands proudly today. The dome, like the Sword of Goujian, was also built in layers of a material of different compositions. The bottom layers are heavier, the top layers are lighter.

The trick to longevity?

Practical layering, waterproofing, and alchemy!



The House of Tomorrow (1949 film)

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