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JSON and the Argonauts
First Fortune
The Value of Labor!

Jeff Bezos’ Grandpa Helps Found DARPA ⛧ Old Texas Money – Cattle, Oil, Nuclear, and Tech ⛧ Military’s Dominance of Academia ⛧ The King and Gise Families ⛧ Boostable Intermission ⛧ Music Festivals By The Lake ⛧ Agathokakological Definition – Light and Shade ⛧ Birdo the Egg-Spitting Trans Icon ⛧

All Rails Lead To Rome



ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

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King Of Swords

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Lawrence Preston Gise – Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather and Founding Member of DARPA

What is DARPA?

Short List of DARPA Projects

A List of Projects Disclosed To The Public

ARRIVE (Example of such a project)

The Economist has called DARPA the agency “that shaped the modern world,” and pointed out that “Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine sits alongside weather satellites, GPS, drones, stealth technology, voice interfaces, the personal computer and the internet on the list of innovations for which DARPA can claim at least partial credit.”

DARPA has a noted policy of planned obsolescence, where they develop cutting-edge technologies in secret, yet design them to be short-lived and easy to improve upon for future generations. By the time they declassify projects to the public, those technologies have been around so long they are no longer a match for whatever DARPA and the Pentagon currently possess.

Lawrence Preston Gise Sr. (Archive) (1915 – 1995)

Profile (Archive)

Grandfather of Jeff Bezos

Little Jeff on the Ranch

Father of Jackie Bezos

Relative (?) of War Hero Major William Edward Gise

Lt Col W. E. Gise

Video 1 – Biological Father

LBJ as a teacher at Welhausen (Archive)

The Ranch Where Bezos Grew Up

Richard King (Wiki)

It is well known that Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather LPG was a founding executive of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

LPG was born in Laredo, Texas in 1915. Laredo is one of the oldest crossing points along the Mexico–United States border, and the nation’s largest inland port of entry. In 2005, Laredo celebrated the 250th anniversary of its founding.

LPG owned a sizeable ranch near there, where during the summer he hosted his grandson Jeff Bezos in idyllic rural peace.

“One of the things that’s so interesting about that lifestyle and about my grandfather is he did everything himself. You know, he didn’t call a vet if one of the animals was sick; he figured out what to do himself.” – Bezos on LPG

When LPG was a younger man, the uranium district of south Texas was discovered by accident in 1954 by an airborne gamma radiation survey looking for petroleum deposits. The coastal plain had previously been regarded as highly unfavorable for uranium deposits. The uranium occurs in roll-front type deposits in sandstones of Eocene, Oligocene and Miocene age. The deposits are distributed along about 200 miles (320 km) of coastal plain, from Panna Maria in the north, south into Mexico. Uranium production began in 1958, from open-pit and in situ leach mines. (Wiki)

Fortuitous for the Gise Family. The year was 1954, everything will be run on clean nuclear power in only a few years and those oil leases signed in the 1930’s are going to be worthless. Suddenly, Uranium is discovered in the backyard of L.P. Gise himself, who had worked for the brand new Atomic Energy Commission since 1949.

An aside – Around that time, at the Welhausen School in Cotulla, TX, spitting distance from the Gise Family Ranch, a young schoolteacher named Lyndon B. Johnson taught primary school.

LBJ and Class – 1928

Most of the other ranchers and land owners probably did not comprehend the fortune they were sitting on, but Lawrence Preston Gise likely did.

The Gise family befriended and intermarried with the King Family, owners of the largest ranch in the US (larger than Rhode Island), who made a fortune first in cattle ranching, then Oil. The family esd founded by Rich King around the time of the Civil War. In the 1930s, a few years after Oil was found in Texas, the Kings made their second fortune. (The cows they owned, standing around on all of those Texas pastures, had oil under their hooves.) Around 1933, the largest Oil Rights contract at the time was signed by Humble Oil (since absorbed into Exxon) and the Kings.

These events helped to inspire the movie Giant which would be James Dean’s 3rd and final film.

In summary, Jeff Bezos’ grandfather, Lawrence Preston Gise, a paternal figure in his childhood, was a spook from DC with familial ties to the wealthiest oilmen of the time. He had connections to the Rockefellers and the Kings through their Humble Oil dealings and are integral in the establishment of Exxon Mobile. He was a WWII vet. Lawrence Preston Gise headed several prestigious government agencies, including the Atomic Energy Commission and DARPA. As head of the AEC, Gise was in charge of 26,000 employees in the nuclear field in seven states, and oversaw several sites such as Los Alamos (where the atomic bombs were tested).


⭐ Agathokakological: Agatha says what?


In honor of a convo going down in the green room earlier today!

⭐ Birdo Is Trans: A History

OG Doki Doki Panic Manual

The Translation

The Secret History of Super Mario Bros. 2


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Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture?


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Ageless – Hurling Pixels 10:39


Midnight Love – Breeze


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