S01E70: It’s Oscillating!

It would have been worse with that Department of Death crippled since the betaverse. 

Behind The Sch3m3s is honored to have the powerful Graham and Darren from the Grimerica Podcast tonight! We run the gamut passing over social ranking sound effects out like mandatory candy! Wanna get in on some underground Sasquatch orgies!? THIS is the place to be! Stories of U.F.O.’s, paraweird happenings, inside jobs, BTS was full steam ahead for this one. GET SOME.

Cut the fleshy part underneath of your tongue, reach up, and taste that God hole. 


Get all things Grimerica here! https://grimerica.ca/. Get all things audiobook from Grimerica here! https://adultbrain.ca/
Be sure to check out Darren’s recent book https://acanadianshame.ca/.

Call in and leave your Scream-Mail on the Cr33p Phone!


ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

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