S01E63: Bjørn Again

Enter the Paper Tiger, Hidden Podcaster.

Riding atop (or inside) the Antifa Cannon.

Klaus plows and Blue Tube Harvest.

You will eat the lettuce.

Boo-Bury cracks open the cellar door, and none other than Malachi returns! On this episode of Behind The Sch3m3s, Lavish has the blood of the Hawk, and will shred gnar. It will be hard going into the New Norm without Norm. Riptorn. Malachi dives arm first into his first Covid illness, and for 2nd Second half of show Boo-Bury hits literally every piece of news. Gwar fans don’t know what NFT’s are, “Did you mummify mom?”, Dr. Fauci is a sickle man, and…you are getting very sleepy.

Congratulations! Your Mass Hypnosis has evolved into Mass Psychosis!


Call in and leave your Scream-Mail on the Cr33p Phone!


ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

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