S01E60: Alice The Great

Rusty Weak, the Ivermectin of Wands

You’re the Captain of the S.S. Go Fuck Yourself

History Rhymes and Snip Snip That’s It

A Gram Is Better When You’re Damned

This is the throwback episode to the goring 20’s, and the Great Repression. Let’s step back in time to the Black and White days. Very sterile. Almost…too sterile. Boo Bury and Lavish dive into California’s obsession with Despairium. And not paying up.

It’s for your own good. Trust us. We’re the authorities. Ever heard of a little thing called the greater good? The greater good. 

It’s for the greater good.

Careful with that Axe, you Gen-X


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ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

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