S01E56: Jackass and Jackass


From BadRadio.Live!

It’s Behind The Sch3m3s!

Boo-Bury and Lavish roll the dice to determine the fate of tonight’s show! Whether it be professional stabs at hunting ghosts in the Winchester Murder Mansion, or maybe you’re some poor spook who didn’t get the memo from HR; we got you covered. From the land of the 50 Cent Army, to the see of New Clear Silos, we’re hear for you. Handfuls of bitter pills and our favorite presidents are all we have left for the Second 2nd Half of Show. Boundless Scr33m Mails to boot!

It’s brave.
It’s beautiful.
It’s the only fuckin’ podcast in the fuckin’ universe with a fuckin’ intermission.


Call in and leave your Scream-Mail on the Cr33p Phone!


ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

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