S01E42: West Coast Imp Style

Will it be the left hand path, or the right hand path? Either way, our brains are still spinning!

Tonight is a weird one. Boo-Bury and Lavish get deep in yo mind as we look at all the weird ways we think, and analyze just what in the fuck is this thing talking to you in your head? Is it a Daemon? An Imp? We love hopping into void, in fact we cherish it!

It’s a weird one for sure, but that’s what you love! Be sure to grab a Bicameral from the dish on your way in for a brainy treat. It’s all language here baby, on Behind the Sch3m3s! 

Oh, and you can bet your sweet ass the Price is right…


Call in and leave your Scream-Mail on the Cr33p Phone!


ZOSO’S CORNER (Show Notes)

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