S01E33: The Scaly Show

Viewers Beware!

This Mother is LIVE!!!

That’s right True Deniers, Behind the Sch3m3s is now LIVE at 10:30est/9:30c pm on Mondays!

Go to https://www.behindthesch3m3s.com/thescalyshow/ to drop out and tune in.

On tonight’s episode, we are joined by the powerful Sir Seat Sitter of ABS n’ a 6-Pack. First half, we argue who is more shocking, and can you even shock an audience anymore? Tim Dillon understands Dimension A and Dimension B, which both beat being a fucking snitch. Arm yourself with the knowledge of how propaganda works with our quick ten easy steps (ok, more than ten), and tackle the Verge as they want YOU to want wanting of moderation. More like fracturedcasting.

Second half of show you ask? What’s that you say? SLAP ME SILLY AND CALL ME BILLY BTS IS RETURNING TO THE ROOTS. We’re diving in! A True Blue CT themed show! And more to come in the future! We look at a mysterious Dr. Day, as he elaborates on visions for the future with the New Order of Barbarians.

Tin Foil Hat is not included with this broadcast.


Listen to Sir Seat Sitter’s show like your soul depended on it here at ABS ‘n a 6-Pack

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