S01E28: 2020 Won The Purge

Tonight, Behind the SchƎmƎs gets in some free fuckin’ speech while the going is still good. Will our gallant heroes Boo Bury and Malachi be labelled as dangerous enemies to the Hivemind? Indubitably. And for good reason. Much mindcrime is explored tonight as we tackle some recent minor events and the overreaching arm of censorship.

We celebrate some mindcrime exploring ten years of hate, and ask ourselves, “Are we Washington, Jefferson, or Adams?”. Is Mr. Bean the savior we really all need? How much longer will the effects of Covid-1984 dominate the narrative? You must ask yourself, “Am I Carbon or Silicon?”. A thru Z we do a really terrible breakdown of it all featuring all the laughs you’d expect. Kiss your days of not knowing what “self-censoring” good bye and say hello to the New World!

Be sure to say thank you when you get a tracking device shoved up your ass!


Red Forman on US government

Next time they try painting Tru/mp supporters as the viot/lent ones, remind them of this video

Casey Kasem’s Profane Radio Meltdown • The Definitive Edition!

1984 (1/11) Movie CLIP – Two Minutes Hate

Did a ‘Convicted Terrorist’ Sit on the Board of a BLM Funding Body?

The new UK coronavirus mutations, explained

An A-Z of All the Things We Lost in 2020

Scientists create the first 3D miniature working heart model

KISS Censors Lyrics, Blood in NYE Livestream to Dodge Strict Dubai Obscenity Laws

Rowan Atkinson Says Cancel Culture Fills Him With Fear

Washington, Jefferson, or Adams

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