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日露戦争や皇室行事など 映像を閲覧できるWEBサイト開設

日本放送協会 2-3 minutes

WEB site open for viewing video such as Russo-Japanese War and Imperial Palace events

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A national movie archive and other WEB site has been opened that can view prewar footage from the Meiji era, which records the Russo-Japanese War and the Imperial Palace event.

The WEB site, which the National Film Archive and National Institute of Informatics began to be released from 31 days, is 「 Film records ― National Film Archive History Video Portal ― 」, 1904-1937. You can browse 87 works, including recorded movies and news movies produced in the year.

Of these, the 13-minute work 「 Travel Surrender 」 was taken by a British photographer who was in the army of the Japanese Army, and the fierce battlefield of the Russo-Japanese War, Jiao It is shown that the expedition from Yokohama is toward the order.

Also, the 40-minute work called 「 Tomeya ⁇ His Highness ⁇ Yamanori ⁇ 」 was recorded by the Emperor Showa, who was the prince at the time, such as the visit to Ise Shrine. , The enthusiastic welcome at each place will be crouched.

The National Film Archive has nearly 50,000 videos in Japan, such as thesecultural and record movies 」, and will be available on this WEB site in the future, including post-war ones. It means increasing the number of works.

The director of the National Film Archive, Shizumi Okajima, is 「 100 years ago, the Japanese are dressed and expressed in detail what they were doing. I was talking to 」 that I wanted many to use it and discover the historical and cultural values of the movie.